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New construction and additions can cost thousands. Refinishing the attic is one of the most cost-effective alternatives to building an addition to your house. Here are some attic renovation ideas to turn your attic into a usable living space.

Design an Attic Library

An attic is an ideal place for a personal library. The attic is usually quiet and peaceful because it is further away from other rooms in your house.

Choose comfy chairs and tables for reading. Place the chairs near the windows to provide natural lighting. Invest in bookshelves if you have an extensive collection of books. If you want to use the attic after dark, improve the lighting by adding pendant lights and lamps.

Temperature Regulation is Part of Attic Renovation

To better regulate temperature compared to the rest of the attic, renovation experts often advise creating a separate heating and cooling zone for your attic. This zone should also have its own thermostat. Adding windows and a ceiling fan can also promote more natural airflow.

You will save on energy costs if you turn the heating and cooling systems in the attic off when it is not in use. You may also need to install additional insulation to help the attic stay at a comfortable temperature. Do this early on in the attic renovation process.

The Perfect Place to Lounge

An attic renovation may be the answer if you want an area to entertain friends and hang out away from the rest of the house. The attic is ideal for multipurpose seating like a futon or sectionals. Set up a cozy room for movies, video games, or board games.

Turn your attic into a lounge by putting in a TV and dimmable lighting. Do not forget a comfy couch and a small refrigerator for refreshments.

Attic Renovation for an Extra Bedroom

If your kids are old enough to have their own room, but your house does not have enough bedrooms, attic renovation is the way to go. The attic will also create the ideal space for a guest room.

If your attic looks too dark, clean the space and add a fresh coat of light-colored paint. Recessed lighting will add a bright, modern look.

There is no need to let your attic go to waste when you can turn it into usable space. Attic renovation can make you and your family enjoy the improved square footage. Any of the following ideas will help you avoid the time and expense of new construction.

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