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While garages are designed to keep cars protected, they usually end up as the catch-all for everything that is unwanted in the rest of the home. Whether your garage is full of sporting gear, tools, or toys, it’s time to organize this space with a few easy DIY garage storage ideas.

The Best DIY Garage Storage Tips

If your garage is filled with too much clutter, you may feel like it’s impossible to everything under control. However, with the right tips, you’ll find that you can get your garage back in working order. Keep reading for five DIY garage storage hacks.

1. Sort Through the Clutter

The first part of organizing your garage is removing everything that you don’t need or use. As you start pulling out boxes of old clothes, toys, and tools, identify items that you use on a regular basis. After setting these things aside, put all the items that you don’t use, need, or have multiples of in a pile of things you want to donate, sell, or throw away.

2. Use a Pegboard for Tools

A pegboard is a versatile option for DIY garage storage. By installing one of these boards on a wall in your garage, you can easily hang tools and gardening gear. With all these tools organized on the pegboard, they’ll be easy to find when needed.

As you install the pegboard, use wire brackets to hang it sturdily on the wall. Get a few hanging baskets for holding small items like nails and screws.

3. Create a Drop-Down Table

Garages often double as a storage area and a place to work on your latest home improvement projects. However, with one or two cars in the garage, your space can get cluttered quite quickly. If you need your garage to act as a workshop, consider using furniture that is easy to stow away.

Make a drop-down table that can fold up when you aren’t using it. Build your table so it connects to the wall with hinges. This way, you can fold the legs up and the table against the wall when you need the rest of your garage back.

4. Hang Your Spray Cans

If you’re crafty, you likely have cans of spray paint, adhesive, epoxy, and the like scattered around on the floor of your garage. While these spray cans come in handy when you’re using them, they can easily clutter up your space. Instead, purchase a hanging shoe organizer to neatly store away all of your spray cans. With this DIY garage storage tip, you can easily hang your spray cans, keeping them out of the way and organized.

5. Use Magnetic Strips for Screws, Nails, and Drill Bits

The tiniest objects are the easiest to lose and the hardest find. Instead of packing your drill bits, nails, and screws away where you may never find them again, use magnetic strips to organize them. They are often used to hang knives in the kitchen, but they can be used for DIY garage storage, too. Place these strips on a block of wood, install it on a wall or shelf, and hang up your tiniest metal objects.

There’s nothing quite like being able to walk into your garage and find what you need when you need it. If your space is cluttered and disorganized, it’s time to take back your garage. Reclaim your space with these easy DIY garage storage hacks.

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