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You have a lot of appliances in your home that make life easier. These items have become such a part of your daily life that you probably don’t think too much about them—until something goes wrong. At that point you might be asking: how long do home appliances last?

How Long Do Home Appliances Last?

The lifespan of home appliances depends on several factors, including their quality and how well they are taken care of. Below is a look at the average lifespan you can expect from your home appliances.


Your dishwasher is expected to last for an average of 9 years. This may not seem like a long time, but if you get an energy-efficient model, you can reduce the amount of water and energy it takes to wash the dishes. To get even more life out of this machine, only run it when it’s completely full and keep it clean.


You may be wondering how long home appliances last if your stove and oven aren’t working as well as they used to. If you have a gas range, you can expect it to last up to 15 years. If you have an electric range, it has a life expectancy of approximately 13 years. Clean the oven regularly and be careful setting heavy pots down on the range.


Refrigerators continue to evolve and become more efficient. Manufacturers are always looking for ways to make these appliances better. You can expect a standard fridge to last for approximately 13 years. If you have a compact model, it has shorter lifespan of about 9 years.

How Long Do Home Appliances Like Microwaves Last?

When the microwave was invented, it completely changed how food was prepared. It’s probably an appliance that you use quite often. Depending on the type of microwave you get, you can expect it to last from 5 to 10 years. That’s not as long as some of the other appliances in your home, but microwaves are inexpensive and can easily be replaced.


A separate freezer in your home gives you more space for stocking up on frozen food. You can expect your chest or upright freezer to last anywhere from 11 to 20 years. If you want a freezer that lasts longer, invest in one that has an automatic defrost cycle or defrost it manually on a regular basis.

How Long Do Home Appliances Last?: Washing Machines

If you have a big family, then your washing machine probably gets used quite often. On average, these appliances have a lifespan of about 10 years. To save on your energy bills and conserve water, only run the machine when there is a full load. Running it less will help it last longer.


On average, your dryer should last for about 13 years. Clean the lint filter and duct regularly. This can increase its lifespan and reduce the chances of the lint catching on fire.

You may not think about your home appliances on a regular basis. When they are starting to malfunction, you may ask yourself, “How long do home appliances last?” For most of these items, you have at least a decade before you have to worry about replacing them.

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