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5 Tips on How to Unpack

As if moving isn’t stressful enough with planning and packing, after you’ve moved you have to unload all of your things and put everything in the right place. You’re probably tired after your move and likely don’t even want to think about how to unpack, but it must be done. The fact is that the sooner you’re able to unpack, the sooner you’re going to feel comfortable in your new home. So take a breather by walking around your new neighborhood and greeting your neighbors, and then follow our tips to make unpacking and settling into your new house easier!

Start with Your Essentials

When you packed, you should’ve prepared a box or a piece of luggage filled with the essentials—your toiletries, towels, sheets, laundry items, and a few outfits to get you through the unpacking stage. Put these things away first in the bathroom and your bedroom. Throw your sheets and towels into the washing machine so that they’ll be ready shortly. You’ll be happy to have clean sheets to sleep on your first night at home!

Take on the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the first rooms you’ll be using, so unpack the boxes that are labeled (and possibly color-coded) for the kitchen first. Add cabinet and drawer liners before you unpack and put away your dishes and silverware. If you thought to pack a ruler or measuring tape in your Essentials Kit, all the better—you’ll be able to measure the spaces and cut the liners to fit. It’s a good idea to wash your dishes and cookware before putting them into place, since they may have gotten dust and debris on them during your move. Do this while you’re measuring, cutting, and inserting the liners. You can also unpack and plug in your kitchen appliances—go for the ones you plan to use immediately first, like the coffeemaker.

Make Your Bed

Enlist the crew to help you put any bed frames that have been disassembled back together. Now that your sheets are clean, make up the beds so that everyone will be able to sleep comfortably that night.

Be Sure to Delegate

You can’t do this on your own, and you shouldn’t have to, either. If your children are able, let them unpack their own rooms. Assign other rooms to other family members, and form teams to unpack larger spaces, like the basement and the garage.

Be Patient and Reward Yourself

Be honest with yourself and understand that you’re not going to be able to unpack everything the same day or even the day after you move. Set goals for you and your family, and reward yourself once you’ve achieved them. Maybe everyone can go out to eat at a restaurant in your new neighborhood after a major accomplishment. And be sure to pace yourself and take breaks —you’ll be happier in the long run once you’ve unpacked calmly and at the speed that’s right for you.

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