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The grass in your yard requires proper upkeep and care to keep it healthy and thriving. The summer season can be one of the most challenging times of the year due to excess sun exposure and a hot climate, which can cause your grass to dry up and turn brown. If you want to keep your lawn green this summer, there are a few important steps to take as a homeowner.

Keep Your Lawn Green With Fertilizer

Using fertilizer is one of the most effective ways to keep your lawn green and help it to stay healthy during a heat wave. Fertilizer is necessary to brighten up the grass and is also useful for preventing diseases. Look for blends that have a high nitrogen content compared to other elements that are often used. The nitrogen will stimulate vigorous growth and gives your grass a more vivid color. Avoid fertilizing the lawn too often, which can lead to too much growth.

Using a weed preventer on your lawn is also a good idea and will prove to be more useful than pulling weeds later once they grow.

Water Deeply, But Not Too Frequently

Many people make the mistake of watering too frequently throughout the week in an attempt to provide the grass with enough moisture. Watering every few days for only 15 minutes doesn’t allow the roots to get enough water and can result in yellow grass. If you want to allow it to thrive and have a vibrant color shade, you’ll need to water it deeply. Opt for turning your sprinkler on twice each week for one hour, during the early morning if possible. If you have a rainy week, skip the watering.

Raise Your Mowing Height

Raising your mowing height is a necessary step to take in the summer season because taller grass protects the soil from getting too much sun exposure. The grass will also grow thicker if it’s not cut too short. Your turf should be cut at a minimum of three inches while also keeping the blades sharp to prevent the lawn from being ripped up. You should also change the mowing pattern each week to allow more of a leaf surface to develop, which will promote a deeper root system. Creating a deeper root system on your lawn can make the grass more heat and drought tolerant. Try mowing in shorter intervals every five to six days as this will be better for your grass and your mower blades.

Avoid Removing the Grass Clippings

After mowing, leave the grass clippings on your lawn because they’ll decompose and begin to replenish the organic matter with nutrients. Although you may want the grass to look clean and tidy, leaving the clippings will help your lawn thrive during the summer months.

If you want to keep your lawn green in warm weather conditions, take the necessary steps so that it can grow quickly and will maintain its vibrancy. With the right care, you can reduce the risk of diseases and weeds from developing while having the best lawn in the neighborhood.

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