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Painting is an easy DIY task that boosts the value of your home. Before you begin any painting project, review the following tips to learn how to paint like a pro. You will improve your living spaces and can feel proud of a job well done.

1. Plan Your Approach to Paint Like a Pro

Begin your task by picturing the finished project. How will the new color complement the furniture and decorations? If you don’t have the time or budget to repaint the entire space, opt for a bold accent wall. Choose a color that contrasts with the other walls to create a focal point for the room.

2. Choose a Color

Browsing through paint colors is overwhelming. Your local home improvement store will have sample color cards you can take home to help you make the decision. After choosing the main color, look at the samples, and choose a few shades that appeal to you. Test each shade to determine how it will look in the room at different times of the day.

3. Prepare the Walls

Take a look at the walls you will be painting. Areas of flaking or peeling paint will need to be scraped and sanded to prepare the wall for new paint. Repair nail holes and cracks with a spackle compound. Clean the walls well to remove stains, grease, and dust. Sand the area to help the paint adhere.

4. Purchase High-Quality Tools to Paint Like a Pro

Choose a good quality paint, recommended by a paint expert at a home improvement store. He or she will be able to help you select the best type of paint and primer for your project. It’s also smart to invest in good roller covers and brushes. You’ll get better coverage, which means your paint will go a long way. Quality painter’s tape should be used to mask areas that won’t be painted.

5. Understand Roller Covers

Talk with a paint professional about what type of roller covers you need. A thicker nap on the roller cover means the walls will have more texture. However, if the nap is too thick, the wall texture may look too rough.

6. Use Tarps to Protect Furniture

Cover your furniture and the flooring with canvas dropcloths before you begin the project. Secure the dropcloths with tape. Canvas cloth is less likely to slip and will absorb any paint that is splattered or dripped.

7. Wait for Dry Weather

Humidity makes the paint dry slowly, so you’ll want to avoid painting on a rainy day if you can. If you are painting in humid conditions, it will take longer for each coat of paint to dry. Use box fans to circulate air in the room to help it dry more quickly.

8. To Paint Like a Pro, Apply a Primer

A combination of paint-and-primer product is suitable for a surface that is smooth and clean. If the wall has damage or stains, use a primer before painting. Choose a white primer for light-colored paints and use a gray primer for darker colors.

9. Box Your Paint

A salesperson can offer a realistic estimate of the amount of paint you need to purchase if you provide the dimensions of the room. If the space is large and requires more than one gallon of paint, combine it in a larger, 5-gallon bucket. This process is known as “boxing” the paint, and it guarantees the color is consistent throughout the painting project.

10. Use a Roller to Paint Like a Pro

The premium paints on the market spread easily, and you can paint like a pro without applying too much pressure. Use an extension pole to reach a larger area with minimal effort. Work the paint onto the walls, moving in a “W” pattern to help prevent lines and streaks in your finished project.

11. Paint From the Top to The Bottom

After cutting in the edges at the baseboard and ceiling using a brush, use the roller to apply the paint from top to bottom. Amateurs sometimes have drips and lines in the finished paint job. As an area starts to dry, it should be left alone. If you go back over a nearly-dry area, you will leave streaks and marks on the paint’s surface.

Painting is an inexpensive DIY way to improve your living spaces. There are great tutorials online to help you learn the basics. Take your time, choose quality paints and materials, and you can tackle this home improvement project on your own.

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