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Getting Ready to Sell Your Home?

A Pre-Listing Inspection, sometimes called a Seller’s Inspection, is a vital step in the home selling process. This valuable service can help you sell your house more quickly and get the price you’re asking. You might be asking yourself why you need a Pre-Listing Inspection when buyers will choose their own home inspector to inspect your house. Keep reading, and you’ll come to understand the importance of getting a home inspection if you want to sell your home quickly and with less hassle.

Why You Need a Pre-Listing Inspection

When you’re selling your home, the goal is to get your asking price and to do so as quickly as possible. A Pre-Listing Inspection can help make this a reality. We will perform the same inspection that we do for a buyer, inspecting the visible, accessible systems and components of your home from the foundation to the roof, and everything between. This way, we can discover defects and safety issues before the buyer’s home inspector does, which gives you the time to address items that may potentially compromise your sale.

Take Back Control

When a buyer brings their home inspector into your home before you’ve had your home inspected, the buyer is in control. Their home inspector may list all the defects that would’ve been caught during a Pre-Listing Inspection and the buyer could leave the table then and there. That home inspector is working for the buyer, not for you, so you won’t even be able to accompany them during the inspection. Even if the buyer decides that they still want to purchase your home, they will likely come back with a lengthy list of items that they want to have repaired or replaced before they’re willing to sign on the dotted line.

Remember, knowledge is power! Take that power back by scheduling a Pre-Listing Inspection so a home inspector who works for you has the chance to inspect your home first. You’ll then have the chance to address any needed repairs or to change your asking price if something is discovered that you’re not willing to fix—and at least you’ll be aware of it before the buyer is. Being upfront about the state of your home by fully disclosing its condition also helps increase trust between yourself and potential buyers.

When to Schedule Your Pre-Listing Inspection

Contact us to schedule your Seller’s Inspection prior to putting your home up for sale. This will give you ample time to determine how you want to handle any defects noted in your inspection report before they can scare off buyers.

Reaping the Benefits of a Pre-Listing Inspection

Once you have the report from your Seller’s Inspection, you can either choose to handle repairs before putting your home on the market or let buyers know the true condition of your home so there is less room for negotiation. No matter which direction you take, you’ll likely be able to close more quickly, since you’ll be spending less time caught up in the lengthy back-and-forth that is often the result of a buyer’s inspection. Since buyers are known to ask for higher costs for repairs than what you’ll actually need to spend, a Seller’s Inspection tends to pay for itself!

If you are selling your home in the Greater Charlotte area or Western North Carolina and want an edge over the competition, request a Pre-Listing Inspectionfrom Outlook Home Inspections today!