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Steps to Take to Prepare Your House for Winter

It may not be sweater weather yet, but it’s about to get cold out there! The question is, is your home ready for winter? Follow our advice on how to prepare your house for winter. Both the inside and the outside need to be ready for the cooler weather to come.

Take Care of Your Roof

It’s important for your roof to be in good condition to keep ice from getting out of hand. Look around to see if you can find any loose shingles; if so, be sure to nail them down. Call in a professional inspector for a roof inspection to find out if your roof has more severe issues. Fall is a good time to do this before the weather turns more extreme.

Clean Your Gutters

Since you’re on the roof already, now’s a good time to clear out leaves and any other debris from your gutters. You’ll also want to install a leaf guard if your gutters don’t already have one in place. Use a hose to spray water through your downspouts to clear them out.

Turn Off Your Outside Faucets

In order to keep your pipes from freezing and bursting, disconnect the hose and drain out any water that remains from your outdoor faucets.

Protect Your Plants

Your younger plants are fragile and will have a hard time making it through freezing weather. Cover them up with blankets or plastic sheets to help them get through the night. If you use plastic, take it down before the sun gets too hot or the plants will not survive in the heat.

Increase Your Mulch

Add enough straw, hay, leaves, or mulch to cover the crowns of plants to help protect them.

Turn Ceiling Fans Clockwise

Instead of leaving your ceiling fans off during the cooler months, reverse their direction so that they’re forcing hot air back into the room below.

Seal Up Gaps by Your Windows

Keep hot air from escaping out of your house and cold air from getting inside by filling in any gaps around your windowsills with caulk. Also, check your weatherstripping and replace any that is deteriorating or coming loose around your windows and doors.

Hang Heavier Drapes

Prepare your house for winter by keeping the warm air inside. Use thermal or heavy-duty drapes to keep out the drafts.

Clean the Chimney

Before lighting your first fire, take a flashlight and look into your chimney. If you spot cracks and soot, it’s time to call a professional chimney technician.

Change Up Your Bedding

After a cold wintery day, you want to be able to snuggle up under warm bedding. Swap out your cooler linens for thicker fabrics like flannels and knits. Layer on the throws and big blankets to make it all the cozier.

Autumn is a great time to contact your local home inspector to conduct a Home Maintenance Inspection to prepare your house for winter. A standard inspection examines roofing, HVAC systems, chimneys and flues, and insulation and ventilation.


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