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Your home is both a major investment and your family’s shelter. Keeping your home well-maintained and protecting it from damage are goals for any homeowner. However, you may be overlooking some steps to protect your home against water damage. This article goes over some effective tips to prevent home water leaks.

Why You Need to Prevent Home Water Leaks

Water damage is common because water can enter your home at many points. Water can leak into the home from exterior surfaces that are not well-maintained or from plumbing pipes. Here are a few of the primary ways to prevent home water leaks.

1. Seal the Basement

If your home has a basement, make sure it is well-sealed. Because this space is located below ground level, it can easily flood. Along with sealing the home, you can install a quality sump pump in the basement. This will remove any water that accumulates in the sump basin.

Exterior improvements can also prevent water damage in the basement. For example, adjusting the grade of your lawn away from the home helps channel rainwater away. Install gutters and keep them well-maintained so they properly divert water away from your siding and foundation.

2. Maintain the Roof

Your roof is the main component in preventing home water leaks. The roof should be an impermeable structure. If it is damaged or aging, rainwater can leak into your home. Regularly inspect your roof from the ground level and check the attic for signs of moisture or sunlight peeking through the roof. Annually, schedule a professional roof inspection.

3. Protect the Pipes

Your plumbing system can cause water damage, yet some pipe leaks can be prevented. When the water in your pipes freezes, the pipes may rupture. During cold weather, wrap exposed pipes with insulation to prevent them from freezing. On very cold days, turn faucets on a slow drip. By taking these steps to protect your pipes, you’ll help prevent leaks and related water damage.

4. Seal Doors and Windows

Water leaks can also come from poorly sealed doors and windows. Seals around doors and windows deteriorate over time. When the seals are damaged, air and moisture can get into the home. Water damage around doors and windows is common, but it can be prevented if new weatherstripping is installed.

Many home water leaks can be avoided with the right strategy and effort. Keep in mind that some home insurance policies do not cover water damage, so it is important to protect your home against it. You can also review your property insurance coverage to determine if a water damage rider should be added.

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