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Problems in a residential electrical system can be hazardous to anyone living in the home. To keep your living space safe, know to look for these signs of an electrical problem at home. If you have any concerns, call a qualified professional electrician.

Signs of an Electrical Problem Include Tripping Circuit Breakers

One sign of a problem is a frequently-tripping circuit breaker. Circuit breakers are designed to trip when the load on the wiring is excessive. If a breaker trips regularly, this indicates an issue that needs to be addressed. It could be a faulty breaker or it may point to electrical panel problems or defective wiring.

Sparking Outlets

Household outlets that spark mean something is wrong in the outlet. If you notice sparks, unplug any electronics and appliances and call an electrician to troubleshoot the issues. Failing to repair electrical problems can result in a house fire, so prompt repairs are necessary.

Faulty Switches and Outlets are Signs of an Electrical Problem

If you have switches and outlets at home that are buzzing or humming, or outlets that produce smoke, contact a professional electrician. These symptoms are associated with wiring troubles and should be remedied right away.

Bizarre Smells

New household appliances sometimes emit a burning smell when first used. Finishes and paints can produce an odor that is tough to ignore, however, these smells aren’t usually long-lived. Don’t disregard burning or melting smells that originate from electrical outlets, fuse boxes, or breaker panels. These odors mean that electrical components are becoming hot enough to melt.

Light Flickering

Light flickering is a clue that points to electrical problems in your home. If you are experiencing flickering lights, call in a professional to inspect the fixture and wiring. Lights that flicker are often related to power surges. Surges can damage fixtures and household appliances.

Any electrical issues are hazards that may lead to house fires. Don’t ignore problems. Call your electrician at the first sign that something is wrong.

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