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Whether you’re a proficient craftsman or just looking to make a few repairs around the house, we’ve put together a list of tools every homeowner should have. These will allow you to perform the many tasks that can arise.

A Hammer is the Most Common of the Tools That Every Homeowner Should Have

A hammer is an essential component of your home toolset. A quality hammer should be comfortable to hold while providing enough weight to drive in stubborn nails. At the same time, a hammer with a reliable claw on the back will help pry out and remove a variety of materials, whether it’s a nail, old drywall, or rotted wood.

Screwdrivers are Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Screwdrivers are the next most common and used tool. Screwdrivers help to repair anything from wobbling chairs to hinges. It’s best to have a variety of different screwdriver heads, like flathead and Phillips. There are many screwdriver sets available with interchangeable bits.

Tape Measure

Tape measures make it possible to take precise measurements with a tool that’s easy to manipulate. You can even use a tape measure for craft projects. To have a tape measure that’s as versatile as possible, choose one that has at least 25′ of sturdy tape that doesn’t easily bend.


If you’re making a lot of straight, short, simple cuts, a hand saw is an affordable and easy-to-use piece of equipment. Choose a saw with at least 10 teeth per inch. If you are planning on cutting plastic or thin metal piping, a saw with at least 14 teeth per inch is necessary.

Include a Ratchet Set in Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

A quality ratchet set can help to make a tedious job easier. A good ratchet set comes with a variety of bits to fit a variety of nuts and bolts, and it will also come with an extender to reach difficult areas.


An electric drill has two main uses. First, most come with Phillips/flathead bits that can be used to install and remove screws quickly and efficiently. The second use is drilling pilot holes. Most cordless drills/power drivers have abundant power for most of your drilling needs with adequate battery life for most home improvement projects.


Although slightly more advanced, a jigsaw offers a variety of advantages. A handsaw and other saws can only make straight cuts, but a jigsaw is designed to make curved cuts. While this isn’t necessarily one of the basic tools every homeowner should have, it is an important tool if you are interested in doing more advanced projects around the home.

While an avid DIYer will eventually assemble a collection of tools, this selection of tools is necessary for trying to maintain their home or looking to make some improvements along the way.

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