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As the weather gets cooler, people will start turning on their heating systems. If you want to save money on your utility bills, here are 4 ways to cost-effectively heat your home.

Take Advantage of Sunlight

The sun can be a source of heat for your home. During the day, open your curtains to let the radiant heat warm up your living spaces. Once the sun goes down, close the curtains to better insulate the windows. Blackout curtains and thermal curtain liners will help your home retain even more heat.

Cost-Effectively Heat Your Home by Sealing Window Cracks

If you have the heat on and it still feels cold in your home, your windows may have gaps or cracks around them. Air leaks can contribute to 10 to 20% of energy loss in a home. 

Check the weather-stripping and replace it if necessary. Seal gaps around windows with caulk before the winter months to save money.

Rearrange the Furniture to Cost-Effectively Heat Your Home

Before winter arrives, take a look at your furniture arrangement. If the furniture is sitting on top of an air vent, it will absorb the heat instead of letting it heat up the room.  Rearrange the furniture, moving larger pieces away from vents and radiators to improve overall circulation.

Have the Heating System Serviced

Help your heating system run more efficiently by having it serviced and changing the filter. The system will be inspected and cleaned. If any adjustments or repairs are needed, the technician will take care of them. While this service and air filters cost money, the amount you save on your heating bill will make up for it. When your heating system is in good condition and has a clean filter, it will run more efficiently and effectively.

Winter weather will arrive whether you are prepared or not. Be proactive in keeping your family warm. Using these cost-effective heating methods, you’ll be able to heat your entire home for less money.

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