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Curb Appeal for a Striking First Impression

Spring is just around the corner and is the most popular season for putting your home on the market! If you are considering selling, now is the time to start preparing your home. We can’t say it enough—boosting your home’s curb appeal is one of the best ways to make your house more attractive to potential buyers. While you should also be sure to stage your home’s interior appropriately, it’s the exterior of your home that makes that all-important first impression. Here are some simple tips for putting a move-in ready face on your house and a smile on the face of a prospective buyer.

Dress Up your Front Door

Choose a color of glossy paint that is well-suited to the style of your home and apply it to your front door. Colonial houses, for example, tend to look great when their classic style is augmented with a touch of red. Just make sure the paint is fresh and that the color isn’t too trendy, and you’re already well on your way to making your home more appealing. Grab the WD-40 while you’re at it to keep the door from squeaking!

Enhance your Porch

Place potted plants in decorative planters, set them at each side of your door, and add a clean welcome mat in front of it. Do you have a spacious front porch? Consider adding a porch swing, or at least a chair or two. You’ll also want to make any necessary repairs to your front stairs and railings.

Make it Gleam

Clean your shutters, siding, and gutters. Remember, potential buyers tend to connect the cleanliness of your home with your attention to home maintenance, so don’t hold back—scrub your windows until they sparkle.

Improve the Path

Take a power washer to your driveway, the sidewalk, and any pathway that goes to your door. Once these surfaces have dried, give them a good sweeping. Empty and clean garbage cans and recycling bins, then place them somewhere out of sight.

Clear the Clutter

You want your yard to appear as large as possible, so put away any of your kid’s toys, as well as lawn equipment or anything else that may make your yard appear to be out of order.

Mow the Grass, Whack the Weeds, and Trim the Trees

After working in your yard, put your yard maintenance equipment out of sight. A well-manicured lawn and garden make your house stand out from the crowd. You don’t want your home to be overshadowed by tree branches, so be sure to clear these away as well. You’ll also want to make sure that your fence is in tip-top shape.

Keep in mind that potential home buyers are looking for a house that’s beautiful inside and out. Click here for more tips on making a lasting first impression with curb appeal!

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