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The HVAC system in your home keeps you cool and comfortable in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter. However, if you don’t take time to maintain the system, you could end up with it failing or requiring pricey repairs. Fortunately, there are several ways to take care of HVAC maintenance.

Invest in Preventative HVAC Maintenance

Hire an HVAC professional to visit your home twice a year to check on your heating system and air conditioning units. During these visits, the technician will handle tasks like replacing parts, removing dust, refilling fluids, and pinpointing issues that could become bigger problems in the future.

The money you invest in preventative maintenance can save your HVAC system from needing emergency repairs on hot summer days or frigid winter nights.

Replace HVAC Filters Regularly

When the filters on your HVAC unit are filled with dust, pollen, and other debris, it makes the system work harder to cool or heat your home. This means poor energy efficiency and high heating and cooling bills.

Change the filters on the HVAC unit as recommended by the manufacturer. If you have pets or suffer from allergies, change the filters at least once a month.

Schedule an Energy Audit to Optimize HVAC Maintenance Efforts

Hire someone to perform an energy audit of your home. They will look for inefficiencies that could be costing you money. Small changes, like adding weatherstripping or caulking gaps around the windows, will keep temperature-controlled air inside your home.

When your home is as energy-efficient as possible, your HVAC system will not need to work as hard because it can more effectively heat and cool each room. As a bonus, you’ll save money on the monthly utility bills.

Keep the Outside of the Unit Clear of Debris

If there are plants growing around the outside AC unit or you regularly mow the grass around it, yard debris could be getting inside the unit. Take time to clear out the area. Keep at least one to two feet of space around the exterior unit. This will allow for proper air circulation and limit the accumulation of dirt and debris.

Know When to Call a Pro for HVAC Maintenance

Some small problems can be remedied by changing the air filter or cleaning the ducts. However, it’s important for homeowners to be able to recognize the signs that something is wrong and repairs are needed.

Pay attention to sudden irregularities in your HVAC system, like banging sounds when operating or dramatic spikes in your energy bills. Hire a pro to address them immediately to prevent further damage.

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