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You’ve listed your home for sale and a buyer has made an offer. Before the sale closes, the buyer will likely order an inspection. Prepare for a home inspection by cleaning the house and making all areas easy for the inspector to access.

Prepare For a Home Inspection By Clearing Belongings Out of the Way

Clean out cabinets, closets, the attic, and storage rooms to prepare for the inspection. Home inspectors need access to all areas of the house, and they aren’t responsible for moving any of your belongings themselves.

Inspectors will examine pipes under the sinks, so clear out cabinets for them. Pack up items in storage areas so the inspector has room to check the space. Move furniture away from electrical outlets. Verify the electrical panel can be accessed easily. If you have an attic or crawl space, be sure the inspector can get to those areas.

Test the Electrical System

Prepare for a home inspection by checking all lights and lighting fixtures. Replace any blown bulbs. If a bulb is burnt out, it raises questions of whether the light fixture is operational.

Look for Water Leaks to Prepare for a Home Inspection

Another way sellers can prepare for a home inspection is to walk around the house and visually check for any leaking pipes. Look for dampness and water stains around pipes. This could indicate a very slow leak. Flush all of the toilets to be sure they don’t continue to run. Check the water heater to make sure it isn’t leaking. Drains should be working with water flowing down them freely.

Clean and Check Your Heating and Cooling Systems

It’s recommended that you get your heating and cooling system professionally cleaned and serviced once a year. This is especially important as you prepare for a home inspection. Change your furnace filter so you have maximum airflow. Clean filters will also extend the life of your furnace and show that you have been taking good care of your HVAC system.

Check Areas That are Caulked

Take a look at any areas that are caulked. You will find caulk around bathtubs, showers, and sinks. If the caulk has gaps or is missing in places, re-caulk those areas. Damaged or missing caulk allows water between the walls which could lead to more serious problems. Installing new caulk helps the home look better in the report.

Sellers put themselves in a better position by preparing for the inspection. If there aren’t many issues found, the sale will likely move forward more quickly.

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